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Easter Eggs, Baskets and Crosses

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Medium Pinata Egg
Chocolate egg filled with a selection of chocolates.
Chocolate Easter Egg - Solid (Small)
Smooth chocolate egg; approximately 1.5 inches long.
Crispy Egg
Kid's favorite crispy rice cereal in decadent chocolate.
Fudge Egg
An egg for the ultimate chocolate lover. Rich fudge is covered with chocolate for...
Chocolate Basket with Jelly Eggs
What could be better than an Easter basket you can eat? Comes filled with jelly eggs.
Chocolate Easter Egg - Solid (Actual Size)
Smooth chocolate egg the size of a real chicken egg.
Half Chocolate Egg Shell filled with Jelly Eggs
Milk or Dark Chocolate Egg Shell filled with jelly eggs.
Large Chocolate Easter Basket
Fill this basket with treats and then eat the basket! This basket is only available...

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